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By submitting this form you will be receiving IDs to access a free, 30-day demo trading account with a hypothetical starting balance of $50,000. You will find that DealBookFXâ„¢ offers many order entry methods, from single click deals on GFT rates to trading on client broadcasted prices. This state of the art dealing system also provides real-time news, dealer to client chat, an excellent charting package*, and more. The entire system is supported by the latest in Internet technologies, backup power systems, experienced live dealers, and great customer and technical support teams.

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GFT's Demo System is a critical element in its educational effort to insure that clients have access to state of the art technology and accurate market information. The Demo System is intended to give clients a live feeling for trading in terms of execution speed and platform versatility and response. GFT's demo and live systems permit clients to view price quotes on and to trade over 50 currencies. Forex dealers around the world refer to many non G-7 currencies as "exotic" currencies. Although the international currency market may trade in excess of $1.5 trillion per day, volume and liquidity in these "exotics" can be extremely thin. For example, the GBP/HUF market ,due to lack of liquidity may only be tradeable in increments of two million dollars.. Thus, making a ten million dollar trade in a "live" account in this currency pair may be virtually impossible and doing so in the "demo" mode does not reflect the real world.

Because these "exotic" markets can be extremely illiquid, GFT permits its clients to trade on the Demo System via a price feed generating indicative prices rather than one of our live dealers. The prices reflected on the Demo System in the non G-7 "exotics" are indicative prices only and may not reflect live tradable prices. Clients are advised that if they are going to trade the exotic currencies in the live environment that GFT's "live" tradable prices may vary from the generated indicative prices. GFT's "live" quotes in the exotics are comparable to live prices quoted by other dealers, banks and financial institutions.

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